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Hello Everyone,

Now I am back and have included some photos from my amazing trip on the world’s largest cruise ship “Oasis of the Seas”.


Returning from this break I am full of energy and new ideas about our skin needs. We are all feeling tired from the winter weather and so does our skin. But there is good news! Spring is here and we are going to change our drab winter clothing for light and colorful ones.

So we want our skin to look plump, fresh, glowing and hydrated.

It is time to start your skin renewal program now! I want to talk about innovative treatments for the face, neck & décolleté areas and revolutionary treatment for hands.
Before treatment, I have a new device to analyze your skin hydration to make the most beneficial program skin needs.

I want to introduce you to a new skin treatment and product from KLAPP – Classic European Line – the winner of the Innovative Beauty Award in 2000, 2006 and 2008. For over 30 years Klapp has been one of the trendsetters in the beauty market, with pioneering breakthrough treatments such as bio cell and peptide technology, oxygen, gold therapy and omega caviar treatments.

I want you to experience skin renewing and energizing innovative and versatile treatments from KLAPP.


50 min treatment is real miracle weapon for building new moisture depots and long term supply with hyalironic acid, the most important of connective tissue for storing moisture. The advanced ingredients like plants oils, silk proteins, ceramides and vitamins restore elasticity and firmness to the skin, leaving it smooth, tight and hydrated. $110


50 min facial. Stem cell extract from rare Swiss apple protects and stimulate skin stem cells, play an important role in regeneration and can even counteract premature skin aging. Stem cell technology can be defined as a breakthrough in anti-aging skin care. Another active ingredient Regestril is combination of various peptides. It drastically effective against lines, wrinkles as well as crow feet and reduce them by 72%, making skin appear younger and firmer. $125


15 MIN special treatment for nurturing and firming the neck and décolleté. Regestril (see STEM CELL&PEPTIDE TREATMENT) rejuvenate and smoothes skin. Botanical extracts from quince, green beans, micro algae improves the moisture balance and calms stressed skin. This treatment can be Add on for any facial treatment.
Now we are going to talk about revolutionary treatments for your hands that had been covered by gloves at winter time and now have to be revealed. We want them to look young, plumped and cleaned of sun damage and aging spots.
Here is:


25 min treatment including skin cleansing, exfoliating from dead cells and then exposed to miracle LED machine to get immediate result of much smother, softer skin ton evener and younger looking hands. $25.

So now we are all covered, our skin of face, neck & décolleté and hands are all going to talk for us. Time to enjoy yourself and the jealous looks we’ll get, we deserved by working very hard.

As always, I am here for you.