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We are all tired of this winter’s unpredictable and fluctuating weather. Our skin is also getting stressed out looking tired and dull. It’s not time yet for aggressive peel, but to recharge your skin and help it look brighter and healthier I have prepared my

Total Illuminating March, 2015 special.

Book  Illuminating organic peel treatment for face ($35) (click here), that doesn’t require down time

 Together with either

Microdermabrasion $120 (for any skin type, except for sensitive)


Medical facial $115 (for sensitive skin)


Get the following FREE:

My new Hand illuminating treatment (a $50 value).
To read about this hand treatment click here..

Hurry up to take advantage of this new total illuminating treatment that would combine different type of safe and not invasive exfoliation (mechanical, enzyme, natural AHA and BHA) together with stimulating and rejuvenating effect of vitamins, antioxidants , peptides and stem cells, boosted by LED therapies and save $50.

This offer is valid till March 31st.