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Hi from Irina.

Holiday season is around the corner! Beyond the more intimate celebration of Thanksgiving, this is the season for entertaining and reaching out to friends, family and colleagues with invitation to seasonal festivities.

I want you to have healthy and glowing skin for holidays. To achieve it we need to treat it respectively with regular professional treatments and appropriate home care products.

If you feel that your moisturizer doesn’t give you enough hydration, maybe it is time to leave it till next spring and switch for another one with more protection.

Don’t forget about antioxidant like green tea, resveratrol, vitamins C, A, E and others. Multiple antioxidants taken both orally and topically have demonstrated benefits for reducing premature aging and skin diseases including cancer. Serums are one of the fastest ways for those ingredients to reach the skin dermis, where most of the aging processes start.

Maintain water, fruit and veggies intake and please don’t’ forget that I have wide varieties of amazing treatments, products, advice and ideas to make your skin healthy, glowing and happy.

Get ready for Thanksgiving with my November special for only $85:

You can choose one of the following :

  • Super Hydrating Pumpkin Facial(regular price $100) 45 min;
  • Rejuvenating  Red Wine Facial (regular price $100) 45 min;
  • Revitalizing  Juicy Pomegranate Facial (regular price $100) 45min;

Plus for only $15 you can add on the Sonic & LED eye treatment (regular price $20) 15 min. This will improve appearance of under-eye puffiness and dark circles with long-lasting hydrating, brightening energizing effect.

Have a happy, healthy and prosperous holiday season!

Love you and wish you wonderful Thanksgiving.

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