Nov, 2016 Sweet and Spicy special

Holiday season is around the corner! Beyond the more intimate celebration of Thanksgiving, it’s the season for entertaining and reaching out to friends, family and colleagues with invitation to seasonal festivities.

I want you to have healthy and glowing skin for holidays. Weather changes can stress our skin out leaving it dry, dehydrated and more susceptible to damage. To keep our skin healthy and hydrated we need to protect it against moisture loss, UV radiation and free radical damage.

If you feel that your moisturizer doesn’t give you enough hydration, may be it is time to leave it till next spring and switch for one with more protection.

Don’t forget about antioxidants like green tea, peptides, stem cell extract, vitamins C, A, E and others. Multiple antioxidant ingredients have demonstrated benefits for reducing premature aging and skin cancer. Serums are one of the fastest ways for those ingredients to reach the skin dermis, where most of the aging processes start.

Maintain water, fresh fruit and veggies/ juices intake, exercise and, please, don’t’ forget that I have wide variety of amazing treatments, products, advice and ideas to make your skin healthy, glowing and Happy.

Here is my November, 2016 Sweet and Spicy special to make you beautifully ready for coming Holidays:

Book an appointment for

Hydrating and stimulating Spicy Pumpkin Facial ($100)
And get Brow waxing ($20) value FREE 


Book an appointment for

Sweet Red Rose Microdermabrasion ($120)
for more dramatic anti-aging result of smoothing fine lines and wrinkles of the microdermabrasion, multiplied by nourishing, hydrating ,pore tightening and lifting effect of Sweet Red Rose treatment

And get Brow and lip waxing ($30) value FREE 


Book an appointment for

Sweet and Spicy Dermaplaning treatment ($160)
for those who want a 2 in 1 treatment: to get rid of facial hair and get smooth, glowing and vibrant look

And get Brow & lip waxing and brow tinting ($45) value FREE 

PLUS get FREE (for all options above)

LED therapy add on ($30), to boost effect of you metabolic, regenerating and healing system of your skin

I am all ready to get you and your skin happy and beautifully ready for coming Holidays with my Sweet and Spicy, November 2016 special

Hurry up and get advantage of this generous special with total savings up to $75.

This offer valid till November, 26, 2016.