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Summer is the season for open back dresses and bathing suits and we all want our back to be exposed looking smooth and soft, glowing and hydrated. Since this part of the skin is a lot thicker than the skin on the face it should be treated in a special way.

I can help you and your back with my new Spring 2022 Back Brightening and Resurfacing special addressed to specific concerns of your back according to your skin type and conditions.

For those who doesn’t have time for peeling and want to get great results with NO DOWN TIME I recommend Back Brightening Treatment (click here to read how it works)

For those who are looking for more aggressive treatment with the fastest and more dramatic skin improvement I recommend Back Resurfacing treatment (Microderm-Chemical) with UP TO A WEEK OF DOWN TIME of flaky skin. (click here to read how it works)

My Spring, 2022 Back Brightening and Resurfacing special is

Book either

  Back Brightening treatment (regular price is $300)


Back Resurfacing treatment (regular price is $400)


 15% off regular price


This offer starts on April 1st and valid till May 31st , 2022..