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Are you looking at the mirror thinking how to distress and relax your mind and to get re-energized and your happily glowing skin back, right?

I was thinking about you and prepared my new

Skin and Mind recharging treatment

This treatment includes:

Double Gentle exfoliating with Organic seaweed exfoliator with light Mandelic AHA and Enzymatic treatment with Papaya and Resveratrol  to dissolve dead and damaged skin, followed by detoxifying and  relaxing face, neck and décolleté massage to prepare for better penetration of skin reawaken and replenishing 2 new Organic masks loaded with botanical hyaluronic acid from Marshmallow that hydrates the deepest layers of skin,  age repairing and strengthening Bamboo, cell regenerating and healing Argan and Swiss Green Apple stem cells.

To utilize this great nourishing, hydrating and revitalizing cocktail efficiently I finish my treatment by application of Red & Infrared LED that provides skin cells with ATP energy boosting its own metabolic, regenerating and healing system.

My Skin and Mind recharging, summer 2020 special is

Book apt for Skin and Mind recharging treatment $165 (50 min)

And get

2 Great Treatments Free

  • Sonic &Led eye treatment ($20) to revive, brighten, hydrate and firm eye area, suffering from heat, humid and dehydration of summer
  • Revitalizing hand treatment ($20) to get immediate result of much smother, softer skin tone, evening and younger looking hands.

This special is starting on July 1st, 2020 and will be expired on September, 22nd 2020.