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Summer is over and kids are in schools. I hope it was great time when you and your family had lots of fun and outdoor activity, which is great for body, charging it with vitamin D. But the biggest organ of your body -skin- gets stressed out and needs every day care with appropriate skin products like hydrating creams and serums, exfoliating scrub, protecting sun block together with consumption lots of water (half of your weight in oz) and right supplements and food, filled with vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants.

Thinking of you and your skin needs I want to introduce to you my new Stem cell & Collagen treatment.

This treatment uses advanced anti-aging technology based on unique sea-based bioactive organic ingredients and natural phytonutrients from organic seaweeds and plants, harvested and delivered from deep sea volcanic layers where water pressure is extremely high. In these harsh conditions surviving sea plants developed very rear ability to rejuvenate even lifeless skin with their unique combination of amino acids, peptides, enzymes, minerals, phyto-nutrients and exotic oils.

This treatment address any skin types showing signs of aging including damaged, sensitive and rosacea skin.

To read more about this great treatment and how your skin might benefit from it please click here.

My September 2018 special is:

Book Stem cell & Collagen treatment ($150, 50 min)

And get Free

Nourishing, tightening and brightening Hand Illuminating treatment ($50) to dramatically improve the skin on your hands after sun damage during exhausting summer.

This Special starts on 09/07/18 and will end on 09/29/18

Come and try this amazing new treatment to make your skin calm, relaxed, strong and happy and get total savings of $50.