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Hello, my Friend.

I am back with my Skin Resurfacing program to get you ready for coming Holidays season. Now that the sun is not as hot and aggressive the best treatment to start with is a Chemical Peel. This will shed those dead cells that our skin built up during the long and exhausting summer to obtain fresh new looking skin.

What can a chemical peel and microderm & chemical (for more aggressive peel with more dramatic result) treatment can do for you?

For some of you who never had chemical peels before it might seem forbidding, but it’s just an amazing blend of ingredients that helps your skin drop useless and unwanted dead cells and get a new healthy and glowing look.

It works on your skin problems and needs for any skin type from very sensitive to very resilient.

I have for you a wide variety of solutions from very light (with no downtime, but still stimulating skin resurfacing functions) to aggressive (3 days peeling for more dramatic results) professional treatments to correct and improve the following skin conditions:

·       Skin aging: fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and laxity, loss of elasticity, thinning of skin,   dryness and dehydration;
·       Hyperpigmentation: UV induced, hormonal or post-inflammatory pigmentation;
·       Acne/breakouts: blackheads, whiteheads, enlarge pores, papules and pustules with blemishes and scarring;
·       Sensitive skin: rosacea, impaired barrier function, psoriasis.

In the case of Microderm & Chemical treatment before applying chemical solution I exfoliate your skin with microdermabrasion crystals and enzymes first for deeper penetration of chemicals for remarkable results.

To read more about Microdermabrasion, Chemical peels or Enzyme exfoliations, please go to my website (keep our skin young)

The regular price for just the Chemical Peel starts at $100 that will depend on your skin condition and the number of layers of chemical peel and the areas of applied solution.

The regular price for a Microderm & Chemical treatment is $200.

Result of skin correction and improvement is accumulative and noticeable after very first peel.

My Skin Resurfacing, 2013 Special is:

20% off any Chemical Peel and or Microderm & Chemical treatment (a savings of up to $40) that includes soothing balm to be used as post peel product to help your skin return to baseline with visible improvement.

If you never had a chemical peel before, please book appt. for my consultation ($30 ) or get a free consultation by phone (469-744 4038), otherwise please book an appointment.

You can purchase a package of 5 regular price treatments and get the 6th treatment free.I am ready to make your skin looking and acting healthier, younger and happier.

Don’t miss this promotion! It starts today, September, 26 and ends October, 31.

Love you wish you all success.