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Hello my Friends,

These days many of you experience combination of post-holidays & weather changes skin issues like dull, dehydrated, tiered skin with clogged pores or some patches of irritation and even breakouts, you never had before. To help you fix these problems and to get back energy, fullness and glow to your skin, I prepared new treatment Microderm-Detox, which is combination of Microdermabrasion,  Chemical treatment (with no down time) plus LED therapy. This treatment is for those who want dramatic results, but because of their busy life don’t want to have skin peeling.

Micro-Detox treatment (50 min):

Exfoliation (removing) of outermost dead cell layer of the skin is one key to unlocking the beauty within. In my treatment I use layering of different types of exfoliation:

  • microdermabrasion as mechanical exfoliation with crystals;
  • enzyme exfoliation for additional pore cleaning and stimulating effect;
  • chemical detox-hydrating treatment to complete pore cleaning, to dissolve glue between epidermal dead cells and speed up cell turnover , to attract moisture to your skin.

When your skin is all prepared for the best product penetration I apply 10 min. of LED therapy over serums with vitamins and antioxidants to give energy and nutrition to your skin on cellular level.

After this treatment your pores are clean and reduced, your skin is plump, hydrated and glowing, full of new healthy energy.

My special price is $160 (you save $70).

(Regular price $230 = Micro-chemical is $200 + LED $30)

This offer is valid till February 29th.

Hope you will take advantage of this special to make your skin happy and to save $70.

Love to make it for you and looking forward to seeing you soon.


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