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Weather this winter changes dramatically from unusually cold to unusually warm which stresses out our body and our biggest organ that is our skin.

To strengthen your immune system I would highly­­ recommend you to get OLIVE LEAF, ZINC, ESTER C supplements to prevent flu like symptoms which lots of people are experiencing these days. Other great tools against viruses are inhalations with essential oils like Melaleuca, Oregano and Eucalyptus. Unlike antibiotics, essential oils can get through cell membranes and kill viruses. I use one drop of On Guard oil with my tooth paste. I buy DoTerra oils that are high quality and could be used both ways: topically and internally.

To help you and your body and mind to get stronger and healthier I prepared Relaxing Red rose in Chocolate treatment for face and back (1 hour and 20 min) $160.

Before I start treatment you will be offered glass of your choice red or white wine together with amazing dark or milk chocolate. During this treatment beautiful relaxing music will help your mind and body to be de-stressed and recharged.

This treatment starts with back treatment exfoliating weeks of dead cells to reveal new, healthy skin that then is nourished and relaxed by following massage with Red Rose massage soufflé leaving skin on your back smooth, soft and fresh.

Second step of the treatment is Red rose in chocolate relaxing and nourishing facial that includes gentle balancing cleansing, smoothing and rejuvenating enzyme exfoliating to get rid of dead cells, followed by relaxing and nourishing sweet red rose massaging soufflé and hydrating and replenishing chocolate mask to give the skin refreshed, relaxed and glowing look.

Relaxing Red rose in chocolate treatment for face and back makes you, your mind and your skin feeling and looking so much healthier, relaxed, stronger and happier.

My February, 2017 Relaxing special for face and back is
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Collagen eye add on treatment ($25),

 with new nano-peptide antipuffiness, anti dark circles, hydrating mask, dramatically improving under eye area to give your face rested and glowing look.

Plus get 20% off regular price of any one product you want to get after treatment either for face or body