Questions about Brazilian Waxing

What is the optimal length of the hair for Brazilian wax?

  • It is about 0.5 inch

How long is the procedure?

  • Your first time can take about 30 -40 min depend of area and hair coarseness. Next time if you come regularly (about 4 weeks in between) it takes about 20 minutes.

Do I need to use any pain relieve medicine prior procedure?

  • You can if you feel like, but for those who super sensitive I would recommend to apply to some solution as cream or spray with 5% – 10% lidocaine topically. I don’t apply it for you, because it has to be done 15 min prior procedure to get it working.
  • I always offer glass of nice wine to relax you before I start (it is only if you are 21 or older?)

What should I avoid to do after it is done?

  • Don’t be exposed to direct sun or tanning bed for 4 to 5 days afterwards, avoid any exercises the same day to prevent any irritation that could lead to post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (brown spots).

Questions about Chemical Peels.

How do I know which peel is right for me?

  • As a PCA trained and certified professional I will customize a treatment, addressing your personal skin care needs.

How much discomfort should be expected when having a peel?

  • The level of discomfort experienced depends on the treatment. Most PCA Professional chemical peels are gentle and create little or no burning sensation in the skin. Dramatic wrinkling, sun damage or acne scars may require a deeper peel, which may cause moderate stinging for a few minutes. More dramatic results can be expected from a deeper peel, however deep peels are not necessary for most skin types and conditions. PCA’s superficial chemical peels create minimal discomfort and produce beautiful and immediate results for most patients.

How long my skin is going to peel after treatment and can I still apply my makeup?

  • Depends of treatment plan it might be choice of getting no peeling after chemical treatment or peeling from 3 to 5 days, when you experience of having flaky skin. When treatment is done you get free products and all instructions for your everyday home care during the peeling to make it smooth and easy. You can apply your make up the next day after treatment.

Will a chemical peel make thin skin even thinner?

  • Dry skin is partially the result of dead cell buildup which actually hinders natural exfoliation as well as absorption and penetration of vitamins and nutrients. Having a PCA peel will remove surface buildup, hydrate the skin and give it a plumper, thicket appearance. The use of topical vitamins and peptides products in a treatment as well as in a home care regimen will help build the collagen in the skin, making it stronger and more durable.

Are there any treatments that good for rosacea?

  • There are number of gentle chemical treatments were formulated by PCA for sensitive and rosacea skin to fight bacteria, reduce inflammation, help promote healing and hydration.

Should people who are frequently in the sun receive peels?

  • Yes, but only if they are compliant with using sunscreen protection every day. Sunbathing should be avoided prior to treatment, directly following a treatment and while the skin is peeling.