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Enzymes are substances that act as catalysts in living organisms resembling chemical reaction machines. These reactions allow the cells to build thinks or take them apart as needed. They do everything from breaking glucose down for energy release to building cell walls. Without enzymes we would never have wine and beer, baking and pharmaceutical industries, medicine and the skin industry.

Enzymes used topically are commonly derived from different fruits and plants such as pumpkin, pineapple, kiwi and papaya. By nature’s design enzymes deliver lots of skin benefits. For example, papaya and bromelain enzymes more gentle, while pumpkin enzyme can be more active and aggressive with the same digestive properties that dissolve dead cells protein. It is important to choose right one depending on skin conditions and concerns. I would choose papaya for sensitive skin and pumpkin for thicker, more resilient skin.

Another important condition for enzymes activity is water, which is regulating almost every enzymatic action. So to act they have to be in liquid. Our natural epidermal enzymes also require water to be active. That’s why it is so important to drink enough water to properly hydrate the skin.

By combining enzymatic activity with slightly more aggressive alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) or beta hydroxy acids (BHA) or both, which is depending on client’s  skin type and conditions, it is possible to boost activity and result from any enzyme & chemical peel treatment.

I get amazing results to add on an enzyme exfoliating treatments to my facials, deep pore treatments, microdermabrasions and chemical peels or combinations of them together.