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We are in Holiday season, in the most beautiful time of the year!!!

Beyond the more intimate celebration of Christmas, this is the season for entertaining and reaching out to friends, family and colleagues with invitations to seasonal festivities.

To look and to feel your best I have prepared my new Beautifying winter 2021 special with Skin Invigorating and Reviving treatment

It starts with, gently exfoliating and blood circulating PCA Revitalizing mask and PCA Brightening enzymatic treatment followed by

Organic Stem cell & Collagen treatment from BelleCote (Paris) (click here)

that on the base of advanced anti-aging technology with its unique sea-based bioactive organic ingredients and natural phytonutrients from organic seaweeds and plants with their powerful combination of amino acids, peptides, minerals, phyto-nutrients and exotic oils dramatically rejuvenates and revives even lifeless skin.

This treatment will leave your skin so fresh, bright, energized and happy with a long lasting healthy glowing look.

Skin Invigorating and Reviving treatment for face ($235)

My Beautifying winter 2021 special is:

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Skin Invigorating and Reviving treatment

And get these 3 beautifying treatments


TGF eye firming treatment ($25)

This treatment with its 3 peptides and hyaluronic acid dramatically minimizes dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness around eyes.


Neck and Décolleté Bio cell treatment ($45)

This is serum-saturated freeze-dried marine collagen mask that reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pigmentation to brighten and tighten neck and décolleté areas.


 CELLUMA LED Therapy ($30)

For long lasting energizing and skin beautifying effect.

Don’t miss this promotion with  $100 savings!

It starts December, 3rd 2021 and ends January, 28th 2022