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Hello Everybody.

Hope that new spring is bringing up new ideas and new lights in whole your life. With all my heart I wish you success.

And in return here are some of my spring specials:
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Your choice of Light treatments:

  1. 10 min Red & Infrared light face treatment for sun damaged, broken capillaries, inflamed, stressed out, dull, and aging skin to make it look and feel tighter, stronger, healthier and younger;
    Regular price is $30.
  2. 10 min Blue light face treatment for acne breakouts skin to kill bacteria and heal blemishes;
    Regular price is $30.
  3. 10 min Red & Infrared & Amber hand treatment for pigmented, wrinkled and thin skin on hands to make them looking lighter, plumper and younger.
    Regular price is $25.

Offer is good for the next 10 days till April 30

Love you and hope you will take advantage of this offer.