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Spa Treatments

Optimal skin health is achieved by addressing both:

External influential factors: 

  • environmental (weather changes, sun or chemicals exposure, pollution);
  • topical skin care products products (cleansers, creams, make up);
  • life style and habits (exercises, tanning beds, hygiene);

Internal influential factors:

  • diet;
  • chronic inflammation;
  • supplements
  • drags;
  • habits (smoking, alcohol abuse);
  • stress;

I love and believe in what I am doing and in the effectiveness of my treatments.

I work with time proven organic and medical grade products from Eminence, Image, Auspect, PCA, Le Mieux, A-Cute Derm.

I constantly educate myself and I will educate you to understand what might be the causes of your skin concern.

I will guide you with my customized program that includes safe, highly-effective and progressive professional treatments like DMN (needling), LED, Oxygen infusion, microcurrant, mechanical and chemical exfoliations.

I provide you with effective and reliable home care products and nutritional advice to achieve and maintain your skin that feels and looks HEALTHY and HAPPY.


Truly the best esthetician I’ve found. Irina has treated my skin with facials, microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, oxyen therapy, and a light chemical peel. I trust her to give good advice on maintaining beautiful skin.
Janet F
Janet F Irving, TX
I’ve been going to Irina for 2 years. I get microdermabrasion, chemical peels, derma-planning, oxygen treatments, LED therapy, and micro needling. My skin has improved dramatically. My pores has shrunk, my neckline has tightened, my bags under my eyes are GONE! My skin is smooth and glows. I would recommend anyone to her. I make seeing her a priority because she makes me look 10 years younger. I also get my eyebrows waxed and tented. My eyebrows are so sophisticated now. ūüôā she also has helped me with nutritional advice to not only help the exterior but to help me from the inside out. She tells me what organic supplements and foods I have to consume to keep my skin healthy and beautiful. Going to Irina will change your life
Ashlee P
Ashlee P Fort Worth, TX
Irina is like a Magician!! I have had trouble with my skin for years. I can see an amazing transformation after just two visits. I would highly recommend her as she is absolutely amazing both as a dermatologist as well as a very caring individual!
Mary S
Mary S Dallas, TX
I was in the Irving area because of a long-term business trip and after I moved here, my face started breaking out severely. My face is very sensitive, so most breakouts leave pigmentation, which causes a lot of stress for me. I went to Irina to get a facial with hopes to calm my acne down. As soon as I got to Irina’s spa, I got a lot of advice regarding my vitamin intake, eating habits, and skincare products to use. SHE IS SUPER KNOWLEDGEABLE. I actually purchased some products from Irina directly, which was very convenient so I don’t have to go looking for these things.

I got a deep detox facial, which consisted of microdermabrasion, enzyme peel, PCA mask with salicylic acid. After only one facial I could tell the difference in the smoothness of my skin. I applied few of the products that Irina recommended that contained vitamin A, C, and E, along with a soothing serum that I have at home. And after one night, all the big pimples have dried out and healed and my face was a lot smoother. Two days after, my forehead peeled severely (with no pain) while I was taking a shower, and I can already tell the difference in my pigmentation. This is by far the most dramatic result I’ve gotten from any facial, and I have been getting facials for a long time due to my sensitive, prone-to-acne nature.

LeeAnn C
LeeAnn C Redmond, VA
Irina was incredible! I live in Colorado Springs and found myself being in Dallas for a lengthy time and went to see her for a Brazilian wax. she was UH mazing. When i entered her room, it was very spa like, she had recessed lighting, cool spa colors and a TV that showed relaxing pictures so that when you laid down on the cushy table/bed you’d see relaxing pictures of the ocean/mountains. She also had relaxing music too to boot.

Regarding the wax: getting brazilians is never ‘ticklish’ but i must say the wax she uses was amazing. It didn’t hurt as bad as the one i go to back home. She used a hard wax (the best) and i was very pleased with the results. She also ended up doing an eye brow and tint wax—HIGHLY!!! recommend! She shared with me that she has a graduated degree in math and is all about symmetry and let me tell you ladies my brows are ON flek! ūüôā

Irnia’s personality is also very delightful, she truly cares about her work and has a lot of passion for what she does. Her emotional IQ is very high and was great to talk to. Please do yourself a favor and book with her for all your waxing needs, you won’t regret it!

Sarah G
Sarah G Colorado Springs, CO
My skin has gotten so much better ever since I have started seeing Irina. She is very knowledgeable and knows about skin very well. The suggestions she gave me about my skin have genuinely worked out. She never pushes you to buy her products but every product I got from her works wonder. I had severe cystic acne and presently I hardly have any. Her work place is very nice and welcoming. She discussed my diet and and gave me suggestions about it too so it can heal internally.

Personally, Irina is a very warm & passionate person. She gives you enough time and answers all your questions and doubts. She is a positive women and lovely to talk to. I would give her more stars if I could. I highly recommend it to everyone and I assure you that your skin is in amazingg hands!!!! Thank you Irina.

Bhavna K Dallas, TX
She has a great knowledge about skin and health. She treats your skin gently. Punctual and Honest
Shuchita S
Shuchita S Dallas, TX
I only had one treatment with Irina, but, so far so good! First of all, she is very personable, warm, friendly, makes you feel like home in her treatment room! The room was exceptionally clean and modern looking, very cozy. She had very relaxing music playing, too! Because I was a new customer, she spent some time with me to discuss my diet, my meds, and the current face products I use. After that, she recommended a customized facial including some extractions, microderm and light therapy. My face was only slightly pink, and it came back to normal within an hour, but I have very reactive skin in general! I was very impressed with the fact that my skin was not irritated at all, just a bit pink!

She explained what each product did. She also waxed and colored my eyebrows, and, may I say, they look fabulous! I think I had really boring eyebrows before; she gave them tons of personality ūüôā She also recommended some take home products, of which I bought two. I am a huge fan of Paula’s Choice Skincare (cruelty free, no fragrance, no irritants and based on research), so I am not sure that I will want to leave my loves behind and switch, but I will give these two new products a shot and see what happens. Either way, I am planning on going back for more facial treatments and eyebrow maintenance, regardless on whether or not I will buy products. I really can’t say enough great things about Irina. She seems to be a wonderful human being and professional at the same time. I look forward to my next treatment. I will update my reviews for long term results soon!

Cristina C
Cristina C Irving, TX
I made an appointment on a whim after seeing her reviews on Yelp and have never been more pleased with an ‘impulse’ buy! ¬†I requested the microderm and chemical peel package but Irina redirected me to a better option for my skin at a comparable price (fruit acid peel, derma-planing, oxygen treatment, a fantastic mask and LED). ¬†My skin went from looking tired and dragging to fresh, dewy, plump, radiant, etc. ¬†I know that sounds like sound bites from a commercial, but it is the ¬†truth!! ¬†Irina also shared with me great information on skin care and general health and, while she suggested some products, she was not pushy in any way which I truly appreciated. ¬†It made me trust her recommendations all the more. ¬†This was not cheap, but the results far exceeded my expectations. ¬†I will definitely be back!
Mary G
Mary G Irving, TX
Wonderful experience. Very knowledgable and phenomenal customer service, skin looked great after leaving.
Jon R
Jon R Dallas, TX
Irina is fantastic. Just awesome. I’ve been with her for about 8 months in a row now. He’s helped clear up my skin a great deal and cleans up my brows every visit. Highly recommend. Plus, she has a great personality and is very professional. Always a pleasure!
Memo M
Memo M Irving, TX
Best facials!

She knows exactly what you need when she sees your skin!

Always adds an add on!

Karen P
Karen P Irving, TX
Irina is the best when it comes to skincare. She will make your skin glow! I love getting her chemical peels and oxygenating facials. I have known her for many years and she always takes such good care of me. You wont be disappointed if you give Irina a try.  If you have a special event to go to, her oxygen facial will make you look amazing!
Yesenia K
Yesenia K Dallas, TX
Irina is absolutely amazing!! My skin is soooo sensitive, it can go from porcelain perfect to disastrous with the slightest change in humidity, hair oiliness, products, allergies, you name it. ¬†Irina always has the absolute perfect remedy using top of the line equipment and products. ¬†She explains the procedure and product ingredients so you know what’s in each product and what their functions are for your skin.

I have been to several 5 star hotel spas and not one has ever offered every single procedure that she has (oxygen, light therapy, microderm, chemical peels, high frequency treatment, collagen masks. etc). Not to mention, she also does eyebrow shaping, waxing, tinting, and I’m sure I’m forgetting others. It is your one stop beauty shop. She has a variety of products and at home regimens for any skin concern that may arise, all very practical and reasonably priced. You’ll never go anywhere else!

Jeni C
Jeni C Irving, TX
I wanted my skin to be perfect for my wedding so I found Irina during an Internet search. I have gotten two chemical peels, seems blading, and oxygen treatments done. My skin has never looked better!! My face was absolutely glowing for my wedding and my pictures turned out beautiful!! I would highly recommend going!
Austin S
Austin S Centerville, TX
If some one looking for Esthetician, I’d highly recommend Irina. She is like a Magician! You can see an amazing transformation of your skin after just a few visits. I would highly recommend her as she is absolutely amazing and extremely knowledgeable ¬†as a dermatologist as well as a very caring individual! She is using the latest and greats technology as well as products.
Rita G
Rita G Plano, TX
Irina is like a good witch with some really amazing positions. She is kind and gentle and very knowledgeable.  She give info and aftercare advices that are truly awesome. I love love love her.
Seema P
Seema P John's Creek, GA
Irina is awesome!  I am new to the area, relocating from New York and looking for an esthetician can be challenging when you are not from Dallas.  I found Irina online an was able to get in at the last minute.  Since I do not know the area, I was unfamiliar with the location and was over 20mins late to the appointment.  I was very flustered coming in and Irina was so pleasant and still took me as I was her last client of the day.  Since I was late she stayed past closing hours of the salon to take me.  She was patient, friendly, professional and made me feel very comfortable.  She was very knowledgable about the products and made great recommendations for my skin type.  I could definitely tell the difference in my skin when she finished.  I will definitely be coming back!!
Shari T
Shari T Dallas, TX
She is so sweet, knowledgeable and honest. Uses amazing products too! I’ve gone in for facials and microdermabrasion treatments. Ive only gone two times and my skin is already much better. I highly recommend her!
Zuzu A
Zuzu A Dallas, TX
If you use Retin-A or have sensitive skin, Irina is the best! I’ve been coming to Irina for about 7 years, even though I no longer work or live near her salon. I drive 30 miles roundtrip to come see her for eyebrow waxing and tinting, lip wax, and Brazilian wax. The two times I tried going to someone else for brows and Brazilian were complete disasters – I have very sensitive skin, and Irina always makes sure I look fantastic when I leave.

She is fantastic with facials, too. I’m going in for an Oxygen and Light facial next weekend to perk up my overly dry (thanks to Retin-A) skin. I cannot rate her highly enough.

Mandy W
Mandy W Dallas, TX
Irina has such a talent and passion at what she does.  On my first visit i noticed a huge reduction from my acne scars through microdermbrasion. More than that, she has top level communication and is an absolute sweetheart. I will certainly recommend her to everyone, and I will definitely return for future appointments ! Talented, wonderful, and a motivational person, Irina goes far and beyond anything I could have asked for. Simply amazing.
Anton K
Anton K Irving, TX
I usually don’t write reviews but I must in this case. I am visiting from out of town and Irina bent over backwards to find a time that would work with my busy schedule. ¬†She was very professional and responded to my emails quickly. ¬†Now I know I have an awesome place to come the next time I’m in town.
Kay ``Cheech`` W
Kay ``Cheech`` W San Francisco, CA
I’ve been seeing Irina since 2006 and I truly believe that my skin is in the amazing condition it is because of her. ¬†I used to live near her salon, but even after I moved, I make the trip to see her so that she can make my skin look its best and pamper my skin. ¬†She has an expertise that is unmatched and knows the exact treatment to give ANY type of skin.

I’ve received many treatments including: microderm, chemical peels, oxygen & light therapy, facials, waxing & eyebrow tinting. ¬†There have been times when stress causes me to breakout and Irina saves the day (and my skin!) and makes it all better.

Irina uses only the best, natural products and makes it a point to use the best equipment.  After my appointments, I have an extra spring in my step and my skin feels and looks amazing.

Aside from being a fantastic esthetician, she is a very warm, and kind person.  I have been happy to get to know her after all these years and would never trust my skin to any one else.

Jessica G
Jessica G Dallas, TX
Irina is a vey skilled esthetician. ¬†I’ve had eyebrow waxing, tinting, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and different facials. ¬†I’ve always been pleased with the results and received compliments. ¬†Irina is full of knowledge and has helped educate me about how to take better care of my skin so I don’t have as many issues with it. ¬†She uses excellent products and is willing to answer any questions you have about skincare. ¬†Plus she has a such a sweet personality. ¬†I would recommend her to anyone!
Miriam ``Upgrayedd`` B
Miriam ``Upgrayedd`` B Dallas, TX
Irina is not only personable. ¬†But, I’ve visited spas in several of our United States. And, I’ve never found a more knowledgeable aesthetician. ¬†I enjoy not only state of the art treatment with Irina, but she is a wonderful teacher, as well. I come away feeling beautiful, relaxed and refreshed. Also, I see immediately results. ¬†Then, a couple of days later, I am truly delighted. ¬†It seems the benefits of treatments increase and are cumulative. You really should reward yourself with a visit.
Janet F
Janet F Irving, TX
I’ve been going to Irina for over 5 years and she is truly the best esthetician in the DFW area! ¬†When friends & family from out of town come to visit, I take them to Irina to be pampered. ¬†She is sweet, genuine and an EXPERT in skincare. ¬†Regardless of what services you are getting, she makes you feel so comfortable, relaxed, and beautiful. ¬†The services I have her do for me on a regular basis are waxing, brow tinting, facials, microdermabrasion, light to medium chemical peel, oxygen revitalizing treatment, and LED light therapy. ¬†Irina has been instrumental in helping me even out my skin tone and get glowing skin. ¬†Over the couple of years I started doing facials and microdermabrasion every other month and microderm-chemical treatments (combo of microdermabrasion & chemical peel) every three months. ¬†These treatments have evened out my skin tone, which contains lots of freckles and sun spots, so much that I’ve received more compliments during the past couple of years than all the years prior. ¬†Irina is also licensed in Derma Planing and today I had it done for the first time. ¬†Wow, what amazing results! ¬†Derma Planing removes the outer most layers of dead skin cells plus unwanted facial hair or peach fuzz, ¬†leaving the skin immediately smooth, supple and vibrant. ¬†This process is far more comfortable than waxing your whole face. ¬†My face is so tight and smooth, not to mentioned how much better my make-up looks now that the peach fuzz is gone! ¬†Thank you again Irina for making me so beautiful!!!
Ashli D
Ashli D Nashville, TN
I’ve been going to Irina for waxing for years and she always does a wonderful job! ¬†I have very sensitive skin and a few times before having seen her, had been burned (literally) by other estheticians using too hot of wax. ¬†This has never been the case with Irina. ¬†She uses the best products and is very meticulous in making sure your eyebrows are even and you leave with smooth skin. ¬†Not only does she do a great job, but she is very sweet and always professional. ¬†A bikini wax is not exactly the most comfortable thing in the world, but she always makes me feel at ease and makes the process less uncomfortable. ¬†She is an amazing esthetician and I would highly recommend her to anyone!!
Christine B
Christine B The Colony, TX
I first got a facial with Irina about 4 years ago.When I came into her office my skin was in a really bad condition.I had breakouts and was desperate to find someone who could help me to get my skin to look normal again.Not only Irina helped my suffering skin,but she also told me a lot of useful information on how to prevent any damages to the skin,treat and care for it at home.Ive been using organic products ever since and always consult with Irina on any products that I intend to use.We did microdermabrasion,deep pore cleansing,chemical peels.My face was much clearer after just a few sessions.I love to do oxygen treatmentas as well.It really awakens my skin and gives it a glow.I get so many compliments on my skin after her treatments.Its been 4 years and Im a devoted happy customer:) I definitely look yonger and we were able to reverse not only the damage but the age of my skin as well.I would recommend Irina 100%! She rocks!
Hanna M
Hanna M Addison, TX
I have been trying several places and finally found Irina Kanash Skin Care. Irina is truly the best esthetician in the DFW area! She is not just an expert in skincare but also is a wonderful person. Very energetic and positive! Time always flies too fast while I am under her hands.

I have had microdermabrasion, light to medium chemical peel, oxygen revitalizing treatment, and light therapy. ¬†Before Irina, I tried microdermabrasion but somehow my skin wasn’t happy after that procedure. So, it took some time to try it again and to my surprise it did work for my skin. Trust and comfort are very important in skincare and that is what Irina always offers.

Another thing that I love about her is her passion and willingness to share her knowledge about skincare, healthcare and life. Every time when I leave her office, my skin looks great and I am charged with positive energy. I would highly recommend Irina Kanash as a great professional in skincare field.

Angelina B
Angelina B Irving, TX
I visited Irina today for the first time and I am thrilled with my experience! Irina was very sweet, informative, and efficient with her work, which are three great qualities to have. As soon as I arrived at my appointment, Irina provided me with an abundance of knowledge that is already helping me change my lifestyle and made me feel very comfortable. The treatment that I received was not only soothing, but I could literally feel my skin improving while she was doing it. I saw results immediately after my appointment and believe that I will continue to see improvements in my skin the more and more that I come back. I will be using Irina’s services regularly now.
Sydney A.
Sydney A. Coppell, TX
A wonderful way to experience healthy skin with an inner glow! Irina has been my secret for years!
Betsy N.
Betsy N. Irving, TX