Organic Super energizing and rejuvenating Special 2022

Both our inside home heaters and the outside crazy weather are stressing out, dehydrating and aging our skin of our body especially exposed parts like face, neck, our hands.

To help to fix it I prepared for you my new Organic Super energizing and rejuvenating treatment.

This treatment includes skin detoxifying, tightening and brightening organic Blueberry Detox treatment followed by organic Turmeric Energizing treatment (click here) that incorporate skin awakening supercharging formula to stimulate blood circulation, oxygenate, hydrate and revitalize skin from inside while Oxygen infusion does it all topically with cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants and herbs customized for your skin type, condition on your concerns.

Strawberry Rhubarb organic masks loaded with botanical hyaluronic acid from Marshmallow that hydrates the deepest layers of skin and  age repairing and contouring Bamboo organic mask massaged into your skin for its strengthening and youthfulness,

For long lasting results of happily glowing skin I finish treatment with my Celuma LED Red & Infrared anti-aging therapy.

Organic Super energizing and rejuvenating treatment for face is $225

Organic Super energizing and rejuvenating treatment for face, neck and dec. is $250

My new Organic Super energizing and rejuvenating Special 2022 is:

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Organic Super energizing and rejuvenating treatment for face

And get

Organic Super energizing and rejuvenating treatment for face, neck and décolleté


Hand Illuminating treatment ($75) (click here)

Which is miracle treatment targeting stressed out, dehydrated,  pigmented and wrinkled skin on the hands to get immediate nourishing, revitalizing brightening and regenerating results.


This special with $100 of saving is starting on February 7th, 2022 and will be expired on March, 31st  2022..

2 in 1 March 2014 special

Hi, my dear friend.

Isn’t this long cold winter just wearing you down?

Even though we try to cover and protect our body, the skin on our face is always exposed to these extreme temperature changes. With wind and low humidity there is an increase in dehydration and stress.

That’s why many of us are experiencing conditions like pale, dull, tiered skin sometimes along with red, flaking patches or rash and breakouts not only on face but other areas. I hear lots of complains about so called “winter itch” phenomenon with the discomfort of dry skin on the back.

To help you to get your body and its largest organ (your skin) back to healthy feel and beautiful look I recommend my simple but effective Detox Program.

Why should we detoxify our bodies? It’s all about eliminating toxins that come from diet, pollutants, medications, alcohol, nicotine, stress and then giving our body the right nutrients to obtain good health from the inside out.

On my website I prepared for you a simple Basic steps of natural body detoxification (click here)

Our skin is the largest organ for the elimination of toxins and I’ve prepared for the month of March a Skin Detox special for your face and back.

Many of you have already tried and loved my Micro-Detox treatment for the face, with the combinations of Microdermabrasion, Enzyme exfoliation, organic Detox-Firming peel and Chemical treatment plus LED therapy. This treatment is now for those who want dramatic results, but because of their busy life don’t want to go through skin peeling.

To read more about what it does (click here).

My 2 in 1 Detox March Special is for the regular price ($200) of the Micro-Detox treatment for the face (a 50 min service), it will also include a 2nd Micro-Detox treatment for the back (this will become an 80 min total service).

This offer is valid till March 31st.
Hope you will take advantage of this special to make your skin healthy, beautiful and happy.