August 2014 Brightening special

Summer is not over yet, but you can see more and more pigment from sun exposure on your face and body. When you apply sun block, please don’t forget about your hands, they are first get exposed to the sun while you are driving. If you concern about pigment on your face and body I can offer you some products that would help you to lighten pigment and suppress melanin production responsible for irregular pigment deposit.

The best results would be after a professional treatment to apply those products to maintain and suppress pigmentation.

The professional treatment in this case is Microdermabrasion, which also helps smooth your fine line and wrinkles and get brighter and younger looking skin.

My Microdermabrasion is not just typical mechanical exfoliation with crystals. It includes also layering of enzymes and organic AHA and BHA exfoliation followed by serums and masks customized for your skin needs and concerns (to know more click here).

To read more about benefits of all these types of exfoliation go to my article “What we need to know to keep our skin young” on my website (here).

For this month I prepared for you my August, 2014 Brightening Special.

Get Microdermabrasion for your face, neck, décolleté and hands for the total price of only $155, which saves you $65 this month

 Plus Get a free

Revitalight hand treatment ($20) to know more click here.

That gives additional smoothness, softness and brightness to your hands.

This special will be expire on August, 30, so hurry and take advantage before the month is over.

April 2014 Rejuvenating flexible special

When spring comes we always see refreshing colorful clothing, why not prepare your skin to accommodate it and have a glowing, sexy & healthy look all together.

To achieve this I’ve prepared a flexible rejuvenating special just for you with two options to choose from:

April special option 1; 20% Off Microderm & Chemical treatment (reg. $200) plus get 15% off the regular price of one retailed product.

This option is for those of you who want to peel off (before it is too hot) your winter stressed and tiered skin for new energized, younger looking and feeling skin with customized chemical solutions. During this treatment I layer three different types of exfoliating methods: mechanical, enzyme and chemical which results in a more dramatic change but has a possible down time of up to 3 days. To read more about what it does and how it works go to my article “How to make our skin young”

April special option 2; Book any facial or microdermabrasion and get my new Mini Lift add on Free! (reg. $30) plus get 10% off regular price of one retailed product.

This option is for those who don’t want to have down time because their busy with business or personal plans but still want immediate visible result with much tighter, toned and firmer skin all over the face (including around eye areas with dramatic anti-puffiness effect), neck and décolleté. This Mini Lift renovated add on treatment comes from Europe – there are three formulation options that depends on your skin condition, your skin concerns and expectations. To read more about how it works and what it does click here  Mini Lift add on”.

My flexible April special gives you 2 amazing options to make your skin happy!

August Brightening special

Hello friends,

We are in the heat of the summer and you might be seeing a lot more pigment on your face or body from sun exposure. I know you don’t want to go through a peel during the hot and humid summer and I completely agree with you, but I can help you to reduce that pigment and smooth your fine line and wrinkles and get a brighter and younger looking skin with my Microdermabrasion.

 My Microdermabrasion is not just crystals; I also include layering enzymes and organic AHA and BHA exfoliations with a customized facial.

 To read more about benefits of all types of exfoliation click on my article “What we need to know to keep our skin young”.

 For this month I’ve prepared an August, 2013 Brightening Special.

You will get Microdermabrasion done on your face, neck, décolleté and hands for the total price $150(that’s a saving of $70).

The special is only good for the month of August.