Happy Holidays

I know, we all love holidays, especially Christmas which is my favorite and I know it is not just only fun. It can be both festive and stressful.

It is a lot of work to find all those gifts for our relatives and friends we love, decorating the house, remembering what they like to wear and love to eat. Then on top of all that, there’s the end of year tasks to finish up at our work place. Wow, talk about stress.

Another stress our bodies go through is what we are eating and drinking when we attend so many parties.

As we get stressed out so ….. does our skin especially around eyes, showing additional wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

With all of the stress we go through we still want to look fresh, glowing and dazzling to get all compliments we deserve. 

To help you I prepared my December Holiday-Relief Special:

Book appt for Humphrey’s Signature Facial (it is 80 min treatment for both your back and face for the price $150) and get the following for

Sonic & LED Eye Treatment ($20 value)


Revitalight Hand Treatment ($20 value)


Find the time for yourself, it is only an hour and 20 min. and  get it all fixed: your mind and body to relax,  skin on your back, face and hands are revitalized and glowing; your eyes are bright and reflect new energy and health.

I hope you take advantage of this special and get ready and enjoy the Holidays Season together with your family and friends.


Have a Merry, Merry Christmas.

Love you and wish you the best for the holidays.