Renovating 2019 Holiday special

Christmas is around the corner! It’s the most beautiful time of the year!!!

Beyond the more intimate celebration of Christmas, this is the season for entertaining and reaching out to friends, family and colleagues with invitation to seasonal festivities.

I want you to have healthy and glowing skin and look your best for holidays.

And here is my Renovating, 2019 Holiday special

Book an appointment for my Stem cell & Collagen treatment ($150), (what it is) that on the base of advanced anti-aging technology with its unique sea-based bioactive organic ingredients and natural phytonutrients from organic seaweeds and plants with their powerful combination of amino acids, peptides, enzymes, minerals, phytonutrients and exotic oils dramatically rejuvenates even lifeless skin.

And get FREE

Brow and lip waxing ($30)

 to pop up your eyes and clean lip line


Sonic & LED Eye Treatment ($20) (what it is)

to improve appearance of under-eye puffiness and dark circles leaving skin with long-lasting hydration, brightened, tight and energized

Don’t miss this promotion with  $50 savings!
It starts December, 3rd 2019 and ends January, 31th 2020.

Love you and wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous holiday season!

Summer 2017 Revitalizing special

Hello, my dear friend.

Thinking about you and your skin needs this time of the year I prepared my Revitalizing Special.

This treatment will provide gentle enzyme exfoliation with softening Resurfacing masque followed by relaxing Pomegranate massage soufflé. Super hydrating and revitalizing Therapeutic Papaya mask and refreshing and energizing Replenishing gel followed by smoothing retinol containing Ultra Peel II from PCA will leave your skin happily glowing without causing any peeling or flaking.

This facial is perfect for any skin type in need of revitalizing with result of plump, hydrated skin with dewy, youthful glow. Contraindications: pregnancy and lactation.

Regular price for my new Revitalizing facial is $150 (50min).

Summer Revitalizing special is :

Book appt. for Revitalizing facial and get 20% off regular price

PLUS get Free

10 min Red & Infrared LED ($30)

  to energies and strengthen skin cell for long lasting result.

Hurry up and take advantage of this special (with $60 savings) which expires August 31.

Beautifying May 2016 special

Mother Day is around the corner.

It is great day, when we want to do something special for our amazing Moms, who gave us life, unconditional love, acceptance and understanding and lightening up every moment of our lives.

It’s a big day for us too, weather we are a mom or still have our mom around or that we have wonderful memories of our mom.

With all my heart I wish you Happy Mother’s Day and I have a special for you and your Mom to celebrate this day, including complementary wine and chocolate.
(BTW: I have fantastic looking gift certificates on hand)

With my Beautifying May, 2016, special you have 2 choices:

Choice 1.  Book an appointment for a Red rose in Chocolate relaxing and nourishing facial ($100), that includes gentle balancing cleansing, smoothing and rejuvenating enzyme exfoliating to get rid of dead cells, followed by relaxing and nourishing sweet red rose massaging soufflé and hydrating and replenishing chocolate mask to give the skin refreshed, relaxed and glowing look.


Choice 2.  For more dramatic result book appointment for Red rose in Chocolate microdermabrasion ($120), that includes exfoliation with crystals to improve deep wrinkled and sun damaged skin followed by relaxing and nourishing Red rose in Chocolate facial

And get

  • Brow waxing and Brow tinting ($35) FREE

Offer is good till May 31

2015 Something special for Mom

Happy Mother’s Day!

It is great day, and we want to do something special for our amazing Moms, who gave us life, unconditional love, acceptance and understanding and lighting up so many moments of our lives.

It’s a big holiday for us moms or who still have a mom around or for those of us who have wonderful memories of their mothers.

With all my heart I wish you Happy Mother’s Day.
And in return I have a spring special for you and your Mom.
(BTW: Bring your mom along and receive complementary wine and chocolate).

 Book a Red rose in Chocolate nourishing and revitalizing facial ($100).

It includes gentle balancing cleansing, smoothing and rejuvenating exfoliating enzyme to get rid of dead cells, followed by relaxing and nourishing sweet red rose massaging soufflé and a hydrating and replenishing chocolate mask to give your skin refreshed and glowing look

 + get the following for FREE

 Neck and Décolleté treatment (click here to read about) to get it looking smother and younger.
(Regular price is $20)


 10 min Revitalight hand treatment (click here to read about) for pigmented, wrinkled and thin skin on hands to make them looking lighter, plumper and younger.
(Regular price is $20)

 Offer is good through May 31

 Love you and hope you will take advantage of this offer to save $40 and get you and your Mom beautifully ready to enjoy every moment of our colorful spring.

Hope to see you soon.


Romantic February 2014 special

Valentine’s Day is coming which is all about romance and love.

Romantic Italian music with sinfully delicious Italian chocolate and wine come to mind when I think about Valentine’s Day. Keeping with that Italian theme I would like to introduce you to my  “Neapolitan Ice Cream treatment”, for yourself or somebody you love and care about and I will make it so memorable they will never forget it.

Like the Neapolitan desert my new 80 minute Neapolitan Ice Cream treatment ($150) has three main ingredients:

1.     Exfoliating Strawberry enzyme scrub to clean and refine skin, unclog the pores, remove dead cells build up and prepare the skin for better penetration of following products;

2.    Chocolate massage soufflé to relax muscles, to stimulate blood circulation, to increase elasticity and improve the texture of the skin;

3.   Ice cream mask to infuse the skin with antioxidants and nutrients, to restore the moisture of the skin, to lift and firm stressed-out skin, to reduce visible signs of aging.

This treatment starts with 30 minute back treatment followed by 50 minute facial.

My very special romantic February special is Book appt for Neapolitan Ice Cream treatment and get the following:

There will be romantic Italian music during the treatment and real imported Italian Chocolate with a glass (or more) of wine and get 20% off for any one product when purchased after treatment.

It’s only available starting February, 4 till February 28th!!!