Detox March, 2013 special


Spring is here and most of people consider this season their favorite time of year because spring signifies freshness, bright colors and emergence from hibernation. The warmth of the sun, beauty of green grass and brightness of spring flowers create an encompassing energy that gives us the drive and desire to accomplish more.

Let’s take this springtime promise of well-being and balance into account for ourselves. Let’s start with our body’s DETOX PROGRAM.

Why should we detoxify our bodies? Detoxification is all about eliminating toxins from diet, pollutants, medications, alcohol, nicotine, stress and then giving our body the right nutrients to obtain good health from the inside out.

After reading many interesting articles and books about nutrition and well being, I found some interesting ideas and basic steps of natural detoxification for our body from Sally Pansing Kravich who holds master degree in science of holistic nutrition, practicing health and alternative healing techniques for 50 years and Goldie Bonnel, who has 20 years of experience in skin care and wellness industries:

(Click here my article: natural-body-detoxification)  

Our largest organ of elimination toxins is our skin and here is my Detox March special for you:

Microderm-Detox treatment, which is combination of Microdermabrasion,  Chemical treatment (with no down time) plus LED therapy. This treatment is for those who want dramatic results, but because of their busy life don’t want to have skin peeling.

Micro-Detox treatment (50 min):

Exfoliation (removing) of outermost dead cell layer of the skin is one key to unlocking the beauty within. In my treatment I use layering of different types of exfoliation:

  • microdermabrasion as mechanical exfoliation with crystals;
  • enzyme exfoliation for additional pore cleaning and stimulating effect;
  • chemical detox-hydrating treatment to complete pore cleaning, to dissolve glue between epidermal dead cells and speed up cell turnover , to attract moisture to your skin.

When your skin is all prepared for the best product penetration I apply 10 min. of LED therapy over serums with vitamins and antioxidants to give energy and nutrition to your skin on cellular level.

After these treatments your pores are clean and reduced, your skin is plump, hydrated tight and glowing, full of new healthy energy.

My special price is $160
(Regular price is $230 for both Micro-chemical @ $200 + LED @ $30)
This offer is valid till March 31st.

Love, Irina