September, 2016 Hydrating and Relaxing special

I hope that you and your family had lots of summer outdoor activities which is great for the body, charging it with vitamin D. But the biggest organ of your body -skin- gets stressed out and needs every day care with appropriate skin products like hydrating cream, exfoliating scrub, protecting sun block together with consumption lots of water (half of your weight in oz) and right supplements and food, filled with vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants.

Thinking of you and your skin needs I prepared my Hydrating and Relaxing treatment for face and back.

First part of this treatment is a relaxing and hydrating back treatment (30 min) combining application of smoothing and softening skin Pumpkin fruit enzyme scrub, massage with Pomegranate Nourishing massage soufflé, followed by hydrating and re-energizing Seaweed mask.

Second part of this treatment is a revitalizing and hydrating Balancing facial (45 min) with application of rejuvenating Papaya enzyme scrub; massage of face, neck and décolleté with Jojoba and Apricot softening and hydrating oils, followed by seaweed based nourishing, hydrating and revitalizing Balancing mask.

After this treatment your body and mind are relaxed and reenergized, your skin is hydrated and happily glowing.

The price of this treatment is $150 (1 hour, 15 min).

My September, 2016 Hydrating and Relaxing special is:

Book Hydrating and Relaxing treatment for face and back

And get Free

Nourishing and brightening Eye hydrating treatment ($20) to improve the area around your eyes

Plus get 20% discount on the following products to maintain the health of your skin:

  • Intensive hydrating cream for face, neck and décolleté from Klapp (regular price $100)
  • Hydrating anti puffiness eye cream (regular price $50)
  • Rejuvenating body lotion from Image (regular price $35)

This Special starts on 09/13/16 and will end on 09/30/16

Resurfacing March, 2016 special

Along with spring comes refreshing colorful collection of clothes, why not coordinate them together with your skin by having a glowing and healthy look.

This month I have an amazing special for you before it gets too hot. It is peeling of your winter stressed and tired skin and exposing new energized and younger looking skin with a customized chemical peel that’s best for you.

What chemical peel does to your skin?
It works on problems for any skin type from the very sensitive to very resilient. I have a wide variety of solutions from very light (with minimum downtime) to aggressive (3 days peeling) professional treatments to correct and improve the following skin conditions:

  • Skin aging: fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and laxity, lost of elasticity, thinning of skin, dryness and dehydration;
    ·       Hyperpigmentation: UV induced, hormonal or post-inflammatory pigmentation;
    ·       Acne/breakouts: blackheads, whiteheads, enlarge pores, papules and pustules with blemishes and  scarring;
    ·       Sensitive skin: rosacea, impaired barrier function.

Prices of chemical peels start from $100 and go up accordingly; they vary depending on skin condition, numbers of layers and the amount of areas of applied solution.

Results of skin correction and improvement are accumulative and noticeable after the first peel.

Resurfacing March, 2016 promotion is:

One time 20% off regular price for any Advanced Chemical Peel treatment including Microdermabrasion & Chemical treatment together for more progressive results (regular price is $200)

With soothing balm to be used as post peel product to help your skin to return to baseline easy and with visible improvements


20% off regular price for Organic Illuminating peeling system (reg. price is $130) from Eminence, the product to maintain rejuvenating results at home.

To read more about Microderm-Chemical click here

If you never had a chemical peel before, my consultation fee is $30, otherwise please book an appointment and get free consultation before treatment.

October, 2015 Resurfacing special

Hi my Dear Friend.
It’s now fall season, the time in nature when plants rid themselves of dead leaves that were exposed to the hot summer sun. This process helps the health of the plant ready itself for the winter season.
Let’s follow nature’s example and get started with my October, 2015 Resurfacing special.
Now that exposure to the sun’s rays is not as aggressive, one of the best treatments to start with is Chemical or Organic peels to rid those dead cells that can make our skin look more pigmented, congested, dull, stressed out, wrinkled and dehydrated. Peels stimulate beneficiary skin functions that gives you a fresh and healthy glowing look.
How can Chemical peels and Microderm &Chemical treatment (for more aggressive peel with more dramatic result) can do it all?
For some of you who never had chemical peel before it might sound scary, but indeed it’s an amazing blend of natural ingredients that helps your skin drop useless and unwanted dead cells and stimulate new young cells that are pushed to the surface, while delivering lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to improve new cells function and longevity.It works on your skin problems and needs for any skin type from very sensitive to very resilient.
It works on your skin problems and needs for any skin types, from sensitive to resilient.
I have for you a wide variety of solutions from very light (with no downtime, but still stimulating skin resurfacing functions) to aggressive (3 days peeling for more dramatic results) professional treatments to correct and improve the following skin conditions:
·       Skin aging: fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and laxity, loss of elasticity, thinning of skin,   dryness and dehydration;
·       Hyperpigmentation: UV induced, hormonal or post-inflammatory pigmentation;
·       Acne/breakouts: blackheads, whiteheads, enlarge pores, papules and pustules with blemishes and scarring;
·       Sensitive skin: rosacea, impaired barrier function, psoriasis.
In the case of Microderm & Chemical treatment before applying chemical solution I exfoliate your skin first mechanically with safe aluminum oxide or organic crystals, then with enzyme organic mask which additionally digest dead cells protein and absorbs excess of sebum (fats) in your pors. It allows my chemicals to penetrate deeper for more dramatic result.
To read more about Microdermabrasion, Chemical peels or Enzyme exfoliations, please (click here)
Regular price for Microderm & Chemical treatment is $200 (50 min).

Result of skin correction and improvement is accumulative and noticeable after a very first treatment.
My Skin Resurfacing, October, 2015 Special is:

Book a Microderm & Chemical treatment

and receive

20% off (save $40!)

which includes soothing balm to be used as post peel product to help your skin return to baseline with visible improvement.
You can add on
Microderm & Chemical treatment for neck and decolette just for just $30

If you never had a chemical peel before, please book appt. for my consultation ( $30, 20min ) or get a free consultation by phone (469-744-4038) or just before a scheduled appt. Otherwise, please, book an appointment.

You can purchase a package of 5 regular price treatments and get the 6th treatment free.
I am ready to make your skin looking and acting healthier, younger and happier.
Don’t miss this promotion! It starts today, October, 5th and ends October, 31.

Enzyme action

Enzymes are substances that act as catalysts in living organisms resembling chemical reaction machines. These reactions allow the cells to build thinks or take them apart as needed. They do everything from breaking glucose down for energy release to building cell walls. Without enzymes we would never have wine and beer, baking and pharmaceutical industries, medicine and the skin industry.

Enzymes used topically are commonly derived from different fruits and plants such as pumpkin, pineapple, kiwi and papaya. By nature’s design enzymes deliver lots of skin benefits. For example, papaya and bromelain enzymes more gentle, while pumpkin enzyme can be more active and aggressive with the same digestive properties that dissolve dead cells protein. It is important to choose right one depending on skin conditions and concerns. I would choose papaya for sensitive skin and pumpkin for thicker, more resilient skin.

Another important condition for enzymes activity is water, which is regulating almost every enzymatic action. So to act they have to be in liquid. Our natural epidermal enzymes also require water to be active. That’s why it is so important to drink enough water to properly hydrate the skin.

By combining enzymatic activity with slightly more aggressive alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) or beta hydroxy acids (BHA) or both, which is depending on client’s  skin type and conditions, it is possible to boost activity and result from any enzyme & chemical peel treatment.

I get amazing results to add on an enzyme exfoliating treatments to my facials, deep pore treatments, microdermabrasions and chemical peels or combinations of them together.

Chemical peels

Chemical peel is skin resurfacing , typically characterized as the application of variety of chemical solutions to peel away the top layers of the skin and expose a smoother, even textured surface while stimulating repair and rejuvenating mechanism to produce new cells. They also reduce excess oils to minimize the occurrence of acne while controlling oil production and hydration. Stimulating cellular turnover, chemical peels are reducing appearance of hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. All these changes are manifested in more healthy, youthful looking skin.

The most common types of chemical peels are done with active ingredients as alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), beta hydroxy acids (BHA) and trichloracetic acid (TCA).

AHA are water soluble acids derived from fruits, nuts, milks and sugars. Some representatives of AHA are glycolic acid (from sugars), lactic acid (from milk), citric acid (from citrus fruit and corn), malic acid (from apples and green grapes), mandelic acid ( from almonds) and tartaric acid (from cranberry and grapes). AHA break down the bonds between skin cells, which allow the easier exfoliation of dead surface cells, kind of loosening the “glue” that holds the skin cells together.

BHA are works the same as AHA but they are oil soluble and often penetrates much dipper. Salicylic acid is BHA derived from willow tree bark, wintergreen oil and sweet birch.

Chemical peels are often classified by how deeply they can penetrate the skin, and ultimately how much they wound the skin. The deeper the peel penetrates, the more the skin is wounded, and the greater down time and risk involved. While light chemical peels are performed by esthetician, medium and deep chemical peels should be performed by physician.

Light chemical peels are defined as superficial. These peels reach into the epidermis and only impact the top layers of the skin. Light chemical peels are usually having a concentration of less than 10% of BHA and TCA and less than 30% AHA. They are used to treat fine lines, wrinkles, acne and acne scars, uneven skin color (pigmentation) and dry or oily skin condition.

Medium chemical peels can be prone to more complications, they penetrates deeper and are used to treat deep wrinkles and scars and dermal pigmentation issues. Medium chemical peels are usually having a concentration of AHA between 30% and 70% and BHA and TCA between 10% and 35%.

Deep peels like Phenol are the most aggressive and used for the removal of precancerous grows, deep wrinkles and acne scars.

Any chemical peels should always be followed by appropriate anti-inflammatory daily care products to help to repair skin barrier and to prevent inflammation. It is very important to use pharmaceutical skin care products with SPF protection to protect the skin and to prevent developing the postinflamatory hyper-pigmentation .

In my practice I work with PCA chemical peels that are a safe blend of active ingredients such as AHA,BHA, TCA together with retinoids, antioxidants and poliphenols incorporated into the complicated formulas to flood the skin with these beneficial actives during treatment. To get the best result I create customized chemical peels program for every client depends on client skin type, conditions and concerns.