October, 2015 Resurfacing special

Hi my Dear Friend.
It’s now fall season, the time in nature when plants rid themselves of dead leaves that were exposed to the hot summer sun. This process helps the health of the plant ready itself for the winter season.
Let’s follow nature’s example and get started with my October, 2015 Resurfacing special.
Now that exposure to the sun’s rays is not as aggressive, one of the best treatments to start with is Chemical or Organic peels to rid those dead cells that can make our skin look more pigmented, congested, dull, stressed out, wrinkled and dehydrated. Peels stimulate beneficiary skin functions that gives you a fresh and healthy glowing look.
How can Chemical peels and Microderm &Chemical treatment (for more aggressive peel with more dramatic result) can do it all?
For some of you who never had chemical peel before it might sound scary, but indeed it’s an amazing blend of natural ingredients that helps your skin drop useless and unwanted dead cells and stimulate new young cells that are pushed to the surface, while delivering lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to improve new cells function and longevity.It works on your skin problems and needs for any skin type from very sensitive to very resilient.
It works on your skin problems and needs for any skin types, from sensitive to resilient.
I have for you a wide variety of solutions from very light (with no downtime, but still stimulating skin resurfacing functions) to aggressive (3 days peeling for more dramatic results) professional treatments to correct and improve the following skin conditions:
·       Skin aging: fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and laxity, loss of elasticity, thinning of skin,   dryness and dehydration;
·       Hyperpigmentation: UV induced, hormonal or post-inflammatory pigmentation;
·       Acne/breakouts: blackheads, whiteheads, enlarge pores, papules and pustules with blemishes and scarring;
·       Sensitive skin: rosacea, impaired barrier function, psoriasis.
In the case of Microderm & Chemical treatment before applying chemical solution I exfoliate your skin first mechanically with safe aluminum oxide or organic crystals, then with enzyme organic mask which additionally digest dead cells protein and absorbs excess of sebum (fats) in your pors. It allows my chemicals to penetrate deeper for more dramatic result.
To read more about Microdermabrasion, Chemical peels or Enzyme exfoliations, please (click here)
Regular price for Microderm & Chemical treatment is $200 (50 min).

Result of skin correction and improvement is accumulative and noticeable after a very first treatment.
My Skin Resurfacing, October, 2015 Special is:

Book a Microderm & Chemical treatment

and receive

20% off (save $40!)

which includes soothing balm to be used as post peel product to help your skin return to baseline with visible improvement.
You can add on
Microderm & Chemical treatment for neck and decolette just for just $30

If you never had a chemical peel before, please book appt. for my consultation ( $30, 20min ) or get a free consultation by phone (469-744-4038) or just before a scheduled appt. Otherwise, please, book an appointment.

You can purchase a package of 5 regular price treatments and get the 6th treatment free.
I am ready to make your skin looking and acting healthier, younger and happier.
Don’t miss this promotion! It starts today, October, 5th and ends October, 31.

Brightening and refreshing, August, 2015 special

When you apply sun block, please don’t forget about your hands, they are first get exposed to the sun while you are driving. If you concern about pigment on your face and body I can offer you some products that would help you to lighten pigment and suppress melanin production responsible for irregular pigment deposit.

The best results would be after a professional treatment to apply those products to maintain and suppress pigmentation.

Perhaps you don’t want to go through aggressive peel during this hot and humid summer and I would agree with you. I can help you to lighten pigment and smooth your fine line and wrinkles and get brighter and younger looking skin with my Brightening and refreshing treatment.

This treatment starts with a Illuminating organic peel (click here) targeting stressed out, dehydrated, sluggish, aging skin with signs of wrinkles, dull completions and hyper pigmentation, as well as sensitive and rosasea skin with no need for down time and followed by hydrating and refreshing Hyaluron infusion treatment (click here).

The Brightening and refreshing treatment can be performed on the face ($150),

or face and neck ($165),

or face, neck and décolleté ($180),

or hands ($40).

My Brightening and refreshing Special, 2015 is:

Book Brightening and refreshing treatment for your face only and get (all 4) face, neck, décolleté and hands for the total price $150 only, which would save you $70 this month.

This special will be expire on August, 30, so hurry and take advantage before the month is over and take advantage of this generous special with total savings of $70.

Total Illuminating March 2015 special

We are all tired of this winter’s unpredictable and fluctuating weather. Our skin is also getting stressed out looking tired and dull. It’s not time yet for aggressive peel, but to recharge your skin and help it look brighter and healthier I have prepared my

Total Illuminating March, 2015 special.

Book  Illuminating organic peel treatment for face ($35) (click here), that doesn’t require down time

 Together with either

Microdermabrasion $120 (for any skin type, except for sensitive)


Medical facial $115 (for sensitive skin)


Get the following FREE:

My new Hand illuminating treatment (a $50 value).
To read about this hand treatment click here..

Hurry up to take advantage of this new total illuminating treatment that would combine different type of safe and not invasive exfoliation (mechanical, enzyme, natural AHA and BHA) together with stimulating and rejuvenating effect of vitamins, antioxidants , peptides and stem cells, boosted by LED therapies and save $50.

This offer is valid till March 31st.

May, 2014 Illuminating Organic Special

May is the last month of spring and it looks like eventually we will leave behind the cold and depressing weather. Mentally we are all ready for a warm bright colored season with lots of uplifting outdoor activities and vacations.

To recharge your skin and to make it happily glowing I’ve prepared a new

ILLUMINATING organic peel treatment $35 (available add on to any facial only).

This treatment use Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating system from Eminence Organic Skin Care targeting stressed out, tired, dehydrated, sluggish, aging skin with signs of wrinkles, dull completions, enlarged pores and hyper pigmentation, as well as sensitive and rosacea  skin with no need for down time.

The synergistic blend of naturally delivered acids sourced from hibiscus flower, grains, bitter almonds and sugars offering you the natural approach to a peel that could be now performed even on sensitive skin with full spectrum benefits of chemical peel with its stimulating, nourishing, revitalizing and regenerating effects.

To read more about it (click here)

The best to be performed together with following treatments as additional natural exfoliating and stimulating boost for more dramatic results:

 Here is my May, 2014 Illuminating special

Book  ILLUMINATING organic treatment ($35) together with either

Microdermabrasion $120 (for any skin type except for sensitive)


Medical facial $115 (for sensitive skin)


get Two amazing add on FREE


  • Oxygen revitalizing treatment add on ($30) to infuse the skin with a cocktail of vitamins and photo nutrients all propelled by (95%)  pure oxygen with great penetration into every cell of deeply exfoliated and stimulated skin for hydrating and revitalizing effect.
  • LED Therapy add on ($30) performed over Oxygen revitalizing treatment to boost effect of your own regenerating, metabolic, remodeling system with great long lasting energizing effect for healthy looking and glowing skin.


Hurry up and get advantage of this new extraordinary treatment that would combine different types of exfoliation (mechanical, enzyme, natural AHA and BHA) together with stimulating and rejuvenating effect of peptides, stem cells, boosted by Oxygen and LED therapies and save $60.


This offer is valid till May 23d.
Hope you will take advantage of this special to make your skin happy and to save $60.